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PT. Pacific Palmindo Industri (PALMINDO) was incorporated in year 1999 and is one of the biggest Refineries Producers in North Sumatera, Indonesia; a strategic location in vicinity of major plantations and inside Capital of North Sumatera where it provides convenient for arrangement the oil via road tankers or export through vessels.

We are actively producing best quality edible oil products from incoming raw materials of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO). Both CPO and CPKO are refined, bleached, deodorized and the product RBDPO is further fractionated for human consumption; conforming to the demands of the highest quality parameters according to International Standard Specifications (PORAM/MEOMA/RSPO) and continuous supply to customers.

Throughout the operation period of more than two decades, the company had witnessed a remarkable growth and up-to-date technology integration in the process to meet the global sustainable growth and to compete with international edible oil companies.

We are also committed to follow the Global Standards in operation and professional and reliable methods in maintaining equipment at high level of functionality.



HSA Group - Established in 1938, today stands as a multi-national group, striving to contineously provide the highest product quality to its consumers in various business activities. Commercial, manufacturing and service activities are the main pillars of the Group's business continuation and growth.

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PIL Group - Established in 1988, is based in Kuala Lampur to promote the Exports of various commodities manufactured by the group to the global markets. PIL Group has been the key stone in delivering group products to more than 72 countries globally.

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