Logistic plays a vital part in our company, manage timely and efficient services in moving and storing raw material and refined oils from point of origin to the point of use to support our Refineries and Fractionation plants. These are integrated in the Tank Farm and Transportation Division.

Our Tank Farm Division has storage tanks with variety capacity for each storage tank for total capacity of 22,300 MT with full facilities for inter-tank transfer, pumping facilities, heating facilities, loading point for filling road tankers and oil sump for receiving, this division specialize in storing raw materials from mills, refined oil from our refineries and fractionation plants; in addition to transfer for both export and local sales, to maintain quality for output product from refineries and fractionation plants we facilitate the product tanks with coated and to optimize the activities we also installed weight bridge for it.


Transportation Division with its main task to deliver raw materials (CPO/CPKO) from multiple mills to our factory and dispatch refined oils from refineries and fractionation plants to our main bulking installation in Belawan Port for export purpose and also deliver to our local customers which is supported with 70 (Seventy) units of variety capacity road Tankers. For smoothness run of road tankers we provide them with workshop in our factory.


To support smooth run whole part of our factory we also have warehouse division which plays his part in storing spare parts, chemicals and supporting material such as Bleaching Earth and phosphoric acid food grade besides Tank Farm and Transportation division.

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