Physical Refinery Plant


PALMINDO’s primary core business is Refinery and Fractionating raw materials (Crude Palm Oil/CPO and Crude Palm Kernel Oil/CPKO). PALMINDO has 2 refinery plants with joint capacity of 1500 MTPD.

Our modern and highly integrated production facilities are maintained by a team of highly skilled workforce. The synergistic and mutual co-operations coupled with the innovations and wealth of experiences gained over the years has helped sustain our rapid and dynamic growth as a major palm oil producer in this region.

Through prudent management planning, hygienic and advanced techniques, high levels of dedications and commitments, we are able to achieve maximum productivity. We can offer to our customer high quality products at competitive costs with the best possible services available.


The crude palm oil (CPO) is first de-gummed using food grade phosphoric acid before being treated with high quality bleaching earth and under high vacuum in order to avoid oxidation. The process also involves the removal of undesirable impurities such as trace metals, moisture, insoluble matters, part of carotenoid, other pigments, phospholipids precipitated by the phosphoric acid, oxidation products, etc. The bleached palm oil (BPO) obtained after undergoing stringent filtrations are then sent to the deodorizer for further treatment.


The BPO are further heated up to about 250 – 260˚C using high pressure steam produced in a closed circuit high pressure boiler. The oil undergoes deaeration and decoloration due to the effect of heat treatment. The removal of fatty acids is done by direct injection of sparging steam into the high temperature oil under very high vacuum. This also effect the removal of odors and flavors which are undesirable. The resulting product is refined, bleached and deodorized palm oil (RBDPO). The by-product is palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD). The RBDPO are cooled down to about 55˚C before being sent to the storage tanks for export or for subsequent processing.

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